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CJS Disclosure

1- Re. quotations /Ground handling charges

1.1    CJS handling quotes are estimated by Local agents / FBO’s at the desired stations.
1.2    Actual third party charges ( of Local agents / FBO’s) may change without a notice due to (local holidays, date & time of service, currency rate exchange, NOTAMs….etc.)
1.3     CJS charges are pretty steady, and always as agreed upon, and will not change without a notice; however third party charges may not be steady and could change without a prior notice.
1.4    If you carry a cargo;
                     Additional charges may apply depending on nature of cargo and its quantity
                     And / or its volume and/or   Passenger‘s configuration.
                     If the cargo is classified as” unknown”, local laws may require to carry a security
                     Screening of the cargo and additional charges will apply.
1.5 CJS does not charge cancelation fee for cancelation of a ground handling
                      Arrangement, however and in a very extreme and rare circumstances CJS may
                      Receives a bill from a third party for cancelation fee of ground handling
                      Arrangement, in such a case the concerned CJS client will pay for such a bill

2- Re.  jet fuel charges / Fuel taxes or vat

2.1    Minimum fuel order is (1000 USG) or a flat fee of ($100 per receipt) will apply.

2.2    CJS quotes its clients/ customers and mentions the expected validity of fuel prices   
 including estimated fuel taxes based on its best knowledge of “ current fuel prices"; however, the prices may change due to market variation, and/or to exchange rate fluctuations where  applicable and  without a prior notice, so it is the clients/customers responsibility to confirm the fuel prices with CJS 24 hours "prior to the D.O.F"

2.3    It is essential for CJS clients to use the exact supplier / FBO as indicated on the CJS
fuel release / confirmation/ notification.  
2.4 If any of CJS’ client is claiming exemption from certain taxes, duties, or fees, it is the operator’s sole responsibility to show the correct/right documentation (Air Operators Certificate, 80/20 declaration as applicable) to the fuel supplier prior to delivery. Any subsequent claim for exemption will be investigated by CJS on behalf of the client; however, the outcome cannot be guaranteed and all taxes, duties, and fees will be payable.

2.5 Operators are responsible for all liabilities of fuel taxes (vat) should the local authorities deem them to be applicable.

2.6 Some fuel suppliers, in some regions, may bill CJS separate invoices for some fuel taxes due to local government regulations. CJS will also have to bill such invoices separately to its clients once received from those suppliers, in some countries this takes 6 month to issue such invoices, so CJS will bill its clients via supplementary invoices.

2.7 Any cancellation of a fuel arrangement should be submitted to CJS minimum 24 working hours (as per the time zone of the concerned FBO or fuel supplier) prior to refueling.

2.8 If an uplift cancellation came as a "short notice cancellation", it is the client responsibility to prevent the aircraft from using CJS FUEL RELEASE (to uplift fuel on CJS account) otherwise, CJS will bill the client for the uplift, if CJS receive a bill for the same.

2.9 CJS does not charge any fuel cancelation fees, nevertheless if CJS is charged with any cancelation fees by a third party, In this case CJS concerned client will be charged these fees by CJS accordingly.

3- Re. CAA permits charges / CAA Nav. Fees / Authorized local agents’ fees

3.1  CAA  flight permits’ fees Most  CAA’s charge fees to issue flight permits, their fees are not CJS fees, they are third party fees.

3.2   Authorised local agents’ fees Some CAA’s appoint local authorised agents, exclusively, to obtain flight permits from, their fees are not CJS fees, they are third party fees.

3.3  CAA navigational fees.

*CJS shall cover at all times , unless stated otherwise, the navigational fees on behalf of its clients with regards to any flight clearances requested by the clients and obtained by CJS.
*Some Civil Aviation Authorites are very late in billing CJS for navigational charges for services that are used by CJS’ clients and arranged for by CJS, so  CJS shall bill its clients for these navigational  charges as soon as they are being received from such Civil Aviation Authorites. Should CJS’ clients wish to have an estimation of these navigational charges in order to bill their customers early, they should ask CJS accounting for such arrangment.
*Some CAA navigational charges are maybe billed separately by CJS due to some CAA’s delayed billing.

3.4   CAA’s Issues regarding calculations of air miles / Maximum take off weights

*Some Civil Aviation Authorities  have their own criteria to figure out  actual maximum take off weights of aircrafts , that may contradict with the Operators’ calculations.
*Regarding issues related to caculations of actual ( air miles, distances, and/ or maximum  take off weights ) which are committed by any Civil Aviation Authority, CJS has to cover all the face amounts of invoices billed by any Civil Aviation Authority for services used by CJS clients, even if the invoices are disputed ! CJS has to pay first, then disputes charges on behalf of its clients later. And any applicable credits, If issued by a Civil Aviation Authority, shall be credited back to CJS clients at a later date.
*In the event that a Civil Aviation Authority is not cooperative and it inssists on its charges,  clients of CJS are responsible to pay for such charges. CJS clients will not hold any payment on any CJS invoice due to disputed 3rd party charges, the face value of CJS invoices has to be paid first and  any credit for disbuted ammounts will be credited by CJS later, and only if,  3rd parties do credit CJS on such disputed charges.

3.5  CJS will not cover any amounts  previously owed by a client to any Civil Aviation Authority.CJS will only cover the flights that CJS was assigned to serve on behalf of the client.

4- Re. short notice or urgent  requests / Special assist  requests

CJS may pay extra fees for third parties’ rush, urgent or expedited services, or for special assist services, CJS clients will carry these additional costs.

5- Re. duplication of same invoice(s)

It’s the client responsibility to send CJS any invoice(s)  may be  received directly from any third party(ies), whereby CJS has ordered the services from / or on behalf of its client , that is to avoid any duplication of same invoice(s).

6- Re. credit suspension / cancelation

CJS shall be entitled to suspend the credit facility of any client for the delayed payments (that are not received on the specified due date), and might close and / or cancel the credit services of the client for the repeated late payments. Then CJS will serve the defaulted clients only on prepaid services bases.

7- Re. Legal liabilities

a. The burden to prove any violation related to the services provided by CJS lies with the customer. CJS cannot be held liable for any consequential damages incurred by the customer.

b. The customer is responsible for all the action(s) taken by the customer itself in connection with the services assigned to CJS without prior notification in writing.Thus, not notifying CJS releases CJS from any complications or possible liabilities.

c. The customer relieves CJS from all sorts of legal liabilities that are not related to direct breach of CJS and may be related to any third party’s services and practices.The customer will not hold  CJS legally responsible or at fault  for any business or operational mistakes caused or commited by a third party,unless CJS is clearly involved in such violation.

d. CJS shall assume that any information, facts, documents, papers etc. provided by a client shall be authentic and correct. CJS shall not be considered responsible for passing any information, facts, documents; papers etc. provided by CJS client (and delivered to concerned authorities and service providers) if they fail to be authentic and correct.

e. All business notices, requests and inquiries to be given by one party to the other (CJS / clients) shall be given in writing in English language and e-mailed or mailed or delivered to the other party at its postal address.
f. Both parties (CJS / clients) shall comply with good business ethics and practices, and respect each other’s privacy and none disclosure policy of the information.

g. Any dispute might arouse between both parties (CJS / clients)  regarding CJS services, shall be referred to and finally resolved by arbitration under the Rules of the Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce that rules deemed to be incorporated by reference into this clause. The number of arbitrators should be [one/three].The seat, or legal place, of arbitration shall be [City and/or Country]. The language to be used in these proceedings shall be English.

h. Default of payment :If  a client commits a default of payment, or refuses or fails to pay CJS’s invoice(s), CJS will apply monthly fee for late payment( on the total owed balance). Also CJS might choose to take a legal procedure, and all legal fees, including attorny’s fee and / or debt collector’s charges, will be paid for by the defaulted client.

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